Active Shooter Training

Tucson has been the location of two very high profile shootings in the recent past. Retired Tucson Police Sergeant Frank Rau is the Chief Investigator for Securitech. Prior to joining the Securitech team, Frank developed an “Active Shooter Training Program” which he taught to a number of Tucson employers. In conversations with various business leaders in Tucson, it was determined that the program should be expanded. It was originally an 8 hour in-service, interactive program. The new Securitech program is offered as a 2 hour orientation and training session. The Department of Homeland Security has produced a wide variety of information on the topic of an active shooter. The Securitech program has been tailored specifically to business. It is for any manager or owner who is concerned about an incident of this nature taking place on their property. The “Active Shooter Training Program” produced by Securitech, has been attended by over 100 business owners and managers in Tucson. Active Shooter Topics covered include:
  1. History of past events
  2. Characteristics of an active shooter
  3. Dealing with an active shooter situation
    1. Evacuate
    2. Hide/Shelter in Place
    3. Fight Back
  4. Law Enforcement/Expectations
  5. Providing information to Law Enforcement
  6. Post Incident debriefing
  7. Site Analysis
  8. Emergency Planning